Best Facebook Security Practices To Implement

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facebook Privacy:

Since Facebook become popular among Social Networking Sites through the world, it kept on introducing new and enhanced features, after every few months. As a result, many users started feeling uncomfortable with the privacy options. In order to protect your personal bio data and information from strangers and cyber hackers and trackers, we going to share with you Facebook privacy options that will best for implement.Privacy

Facebook Guide to Privacy:

Facebook offers a link with the name “Privacy” on the bottom right of every of its page, containing all the updated Facebook privacy concerns. Let’s say, new Facebook Privacy
Features expose few of your private information to “public” b itself without letting you know, until and unless you set your privacy options, e.g. profile picture, gender, networks etc.

Still if you doubt your privacy settings, just go to your “profile”, click small arrow beside activity log, then click “view as”, here you can check how your information visible to others or specific person.

Remember!!! one cannot set few of privacy options according to his/her will now, such as: cover photos, public posts, videos and pictures you like and comment remain visible to all either you like it or not.

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Become Friend Carefully:

Making and deleting contacts/friends from your Facebook profile is not a big deal, it’s just a matter of a click. The term “friend” here does not mean the one whom u know very well, it means the one included in your “friend list” by you, who can access any of your personal information and data even photographs that you make visible to “friends only”. So…. be very careful when you add someone in your contact list on Facebook.

Limit Friends:

Sometimes you have to add people in your friend list, who actually are not your “friends”, they can be colleagues, teachers, etc, with whom you do not want to share every of your post and information. For these sorts of contacts, rather than customizing each and every post (as it is time taking), you can simply use “limited friends” options, for letting these contacts see limited posts of your Facebook profile.

Disable everything First:

Starting a thing with nothing accessible is far better than making everything accessible in the start. Disable each and every option first, now think wisely and twice about what you want to share and with whom you want to share, now open the access gradually. It’s simple isn’t it?

How To Hide Friendlist On Facebook

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Don’t want your contact list and all other Facebook users to see your friend list???

We are sharing few easy steps to follow in new Facebook version (Timeline version):


Go to your profile, then click on “Friends” showing list of all of your “Friends” “Followers” and “Followings”

Step 1


Now click the small button (edit button) in the right side of page right beside “+ Find Friends”, as shown in the picture and then go to “Edit Privacy”.

Step 2



A popup window will appear, letting you set your privacy settings. Click small arrow in front of “Friend List” and click on “Only me”.

Step 3


Click on “Close” to close popup window.

Step 4

Here your friend list is hidden from any of Facebook user; either they are your friends or any other stalkers.


Top Ranked Social Media Plugins For WordPress


A website/blog with quality of content cannot make it smashing until and unless it lack connection with social Media. Making your site content easy for its reader/viewers to share with their social circle, and letting viewers connect with your website on other social media can better boost your website and or blog. For this, you do not need to send requests to join you on other social networks all day long or other hectic tricks; all you need to do is to put social media “plugins” to your website / blog. These social media plugins enhance your WordPress and let you: download, find, comment, share, rank and much more than what you think of.

Here we going to let you know five social media plugins that are top rated.

1.      Gravity Forms:

Integrated with icontacts and email marketing Gravity forms let the viewers contact owner of the website/blog. It helps you setup a form that automatically replies the one submitting his/her message to the owner, and also notify administrator of the website about whole activity.


2.      Digg Digg:

Since easing your website viewers share your content on their preferred social media become key for any blog/website success, Digg Digg helps you with a social share bar allowing you to add buttons in it. We recommend you to add: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + and Buffer Buttons in the bar. It is not necessary that one is well-known of all the social Medias, take time to learn what are they are and think about the ways how they can be useful for your own blog/site.


3.      Social Stickers:

Including buttons of most famous social media to your website widget or footer can help people access your social media profiles. Again we recommend Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google + (if using), depending upon your aim and purpose of website/blog.


4.      Facebook Like Box:

You can use this box anywhere on your website or blog, depending on site design you have, mostly this box is been used at the lower right side of webpage. It allows you to show display pictures of those who have liked the page, mostly friends of viewers.


5.      Follow on Twitter button:

Simplest among all, make viewers follow you on tweeter by just clicking this button you put on your website.


There are hundreds of more plugins that do not need any rocket science to get understood by and can be used to make your website/blog user-friendly, more social, and easily accessible. All you need is to get to know about them and properly utilize them as per your need.

Image via: Lucid Webs

Facebook Privacy


Since the incorporation of Facebook, it kept on facilitating its users with the new and entertaining features. With these features, where users like them as they get to know them, few got problem coping up with these features reason behind they are not as frequent Facebook users as others are. With enhanced features and options, Facebook kept on offering privacy options that are confusing as well though Facebook say it’s always upto you to decide what you want to share with whoever you like.

As Facebook change any privacy feature, it nags each of its users to review them all. Who got such time to spare for reading these reviews? No one, those who use them daily or those who don’t.


Facebook is just like a safe, where people put their photos, plans, and all the personal stuff, thinking saved stuff is secured in this iron safe and can only access by them or by whom they allow to do so. No doubt Facebook is a personal safe of oneself, but the difference is, it’s a glass-made safe if you do not know the privacy options, where every user can access you and your personal information, that you suppose shared with your dear ones only.

New Facebook search tool allow strangers, unknown to you to get to know about you, your likes and where you went to. You can also be easily observed by marketers who kept on observing your facebook search behaviors and can utilize that information for their advertisements.

Who should we blame for these issues???? Facebook authorities? Who always justify themselves with clear privacy reviews readable to its users whenever they change them. Facebook users have these issues still they keep on using it and sharing private stuff over the web, without thinking who’s going to see them. It is time to ponder that is it really our own ignorance? Does Facebook contacts really our “friends” ?


7 SEO Tasks to Complete Before Even Thinking about Hiring an Agency

7 seo tasks before hiring seo company

Since the emergence of globalization and e-commerce, business owners (regardless of the size of their business), rushing towards having their business presence over the internet, for making worldwide recognition and establishing more and more customer base. Having a website is not only essence of global recognition, in fact, proper optimization make the potential customers find your products/services online, even they never heard about them before, hence increasing the demand of website optimization.

Business men always have two options to do any business activity, either to do it by themselves or to outsource it to experts. One cannot just simply outsource any task to others, a proper balance required for that, as nobody wants to lose control over his/her own company.

If you want to let others involve in your business activity without compromising your own control, just follow few steps before making final decision:

  1. Clearing Goals: This may sound non-important but possesses a key role before getting outside help. These goals do not only mean SEO goals (be in top three, getting more views …), but general business goals can be in terms of audience, market, profitability, expansion, growth….  It let you see a clear vision where do you want to see your business after few years.
  2. Hire Own Content Write: Though it is very time consuming and tough for any business to handle its SEO content writing and link building, but one cannot simply compromise on the quality of content his/her website offers, as it stand prior anything else in website optimization. SEO agencies are crowded with the content writers, but the best option is to hire own capable/talented content writer who work for your company. This will help you maintaining quality content hence having better control over your website.
  3. Links Building: Before working with other SEO agencies, it is advised to build internal as well as external links with other popular websites, as it boost up awareness, good will and visibility of your website, hence enhancing the chances of getting higher rank quickly. Few might not suggest linking, as you may link up with bads, but in start it is required (may be for a short interval of time), just to create personal relations and goodwill over the web.
  4. Build Web-Wide Relationships: There is nothing bad in contacting others that benefit you later. Web-wide relations may accelerate your efforts achieving business goals. Do not be afraid, it is not difficult; just start building relation by writing a guest article for other web mates whom you want to be in contact with. It’s simple isn’t it?
  5. Use social Media: Use most famous social medias like: Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedln…. As a tool of making you well visible over the web. In start you might be confused about up gradation and optimization of those accounts, but having a presence (by having company’s account) is enough as a starter.
  6. Instal SEO Plugin: Many people argue that internet kept on changing immensely, basically internet is the same, they are the internet related tools that keep on launching day by day. Plugins- one of the modern tool helpful in optimization, make you decide among SEO agencies and most of all a big booster in one’s success.
  7. Source code Familiarity: One does not need to be a programmer to get to know about codes. A little bit of effort in searching and then making yourself get it is all you need.