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Since the incorporation of Facebook, it kept on facilitating its users with the new and entertaining features. With these features, where users like them as they get to know them, few got problem coping up with these features reason behind they are not as frequent Facebook users as others are. With enhanced features and options, Facebook kept on offering privacy options that are confusing as well though Facebook say it’s always upto you to decide what you want to share with whoever you like.

As Facebook change any privacy feature, it nags each of its users to review them all. Who got such time to spare for reading these reviews? No one, those who use them daily or those who don’t.


Facebook is just like a safe, where people put their photos, plans, and all the personal stuff, thinking saved stuff is secured in this iron safe and can only access by them or by whom they allow to do so. No doubt Facebook is a personal safe of oneself, but the difference is, it’s a glass-made safe if you do not know the privacy options, where every user can access you and your personal information, that you suppose shared with your dear ones only.

New Facebook search tool allow strangers, unknown to you to get to know about you, your likes and where you went to. You can also be easily observed by marketers who kept on observing your facebook search behaviors and can utilize that information for their advertisements.

Who should we blame for these issues???? Facebook authorities? Who always justify themselves with clear privacy reviews readable to its users whenever they change them. Facebook users have these issues still they keep on using it and sharing private stuff over the web, without thinking who’s going to see them. It is time to ponder that is it really our own ignorance? Does Facebook contacts really our “friends” ?


5 Awesome Tips for Making Your WordPress Hosted Site Secure

Wordpress Security
I’m sure you know this “Wordpress”; for those who don’t take a look. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and well know website hosting location over the web. WordPress provides the best platform to everyone from managing content to whatever is your need. WordPress comes top for its best blogging capabilities and then custom site development roof’s it up. One thing to remember is security with more individuals and users come more of an opportunity for your WordPress website to get hacked. From hacks to stolen information, it’s very important to make sure that any site you host is protected. We will go today over six, easy to understand security tips that are necessary for professional and amateur WordPress lovers to learn and implement over their site or sites.

1.    Make Good Use of Blacklisting:

Upon deployment of your blog the weird thing you are goanna face is the spammers attack using the comments section. All you need is to secure your blogs from spammers and make your blog/site flourish in terms of visitors and SEO “Saving your blog from Google algorithms and letting the site Index”. Let your comments section for only interested readers and those put question for webmaster to answer it. WordPress offers many ways out of which we explaining two in front of you to stay safe. By the usage of Blacklisting method you can keep these away from your blog. To blacklist go to your .htaccess file, find the offenders IP address and simply enter the following code to the file.  The other way is using the most powerful plugin ever made Akismet that eats all the spammer stuff and keep the blog clean.

order allow,deny
allow from all
deny from “IP Address”

Yes you need to replace the whole IP Address field with IP you find culprit. Download Akismet from here.

2.    Keeping the Installation Up-to-Date:

I used to write for many sites as guest blogger and amazingly few of them have their updated WordPress version. It is sometimes underestimated that how important is to update you WordPress installation or any software used for that matter. WordPress developers are constantly learning to block the loop holes in WordPress security and every WordPress update brings some previous solved injection holes to keep your safe from attacks. It’s not just a fun to update and enjoy new features in your WordPress admin panel but has got a reason to keep your software security updated. Being friendly in nature WordPress prompts for every new update in the left panel under the Dashboard.

3.    Gravatar?

Gravatar is the service that allows linking your public image with already set email address. Once you have created your Gravatar, you can link with your WordPress account by using the same email account associated with your Gravatar account, it’s much easier to sign up and even easier to actually implement. It protects you and the site you’re commenting on, by having Gravatar readers know that who you are and for what purpose you’re commenting.

4.     Change Your Password Occasionally:

This is most important aspect of my post, keep your password updated, upon installing your WordPress change your password first and make it your habit to change it after every month or two. Changing the password will keep the hackers away and less easy to hack your site; if you are a big site then you are on higher risk so keep yourself safe as not changing can highlight your site in front of hackers. It’s a hard work learning the passwords by heart make an excel file and keep it updated at one place don’t use passwords of your email addresses or that are easy to crack for this I recommend you to use password generator to stay safe.

5.    Be Cautious About Links:

Links can be a vicious way of passing along nasty hacks and viruses for your WordPress Installation. Many of time we encounter to deceiving links that can be disastrous that can might not be the best way to tell you although this article is coming with links. Hackers always use link especially the links coming with linking text or Anchored those redirect you to other sites. One thing to remember being a writer is reject the usage of links which redirect. There are many security sites that allows to run your URL and scan your whole website for any file change or virus or any of the injection in your files. I recommend using McAfee Site Advisor by entering your link in and see it’s safe or not. Don’t forget to check out.


Tips we have shared with you will be helpful for you to secure your wordpress site or blog which is expected. You know staying up to date every time with wordpress is quiet crucial, but make sure every time you login to your site update all the necessary plugin’s or files required by wordpress. We always work for the security of wordpress making it stronger for your help, but there is always a chance in open source products to get hacked as anyone can see the files by downloading the package, only thing you can do is to implement the actions required to make the installation safer. Just share your thoughts and if any security implementations you’re using will help the world making better.

Image Courtesy: [Trileaf Designs]